General terms and conditions

Abuse policy

Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge this abuse policy.

1. General Complaints

  1. onlide shall only consider complaints if they relate to onlide services and/or the actions or conduct of customers.
  2. onlide shall endeavour to deal with complaints concerning onlide services as effectively as possible and to bring about improvements in the services it provides. Complaints, which must be complete and clearly described, may be lodged with the customer services department within three working days, preferably by e-mail. Where possible, onlide shall deal with the complaint three working days after receipt. Where possible, the customer shall receive a report three working days after receipt of the complaint.
  3. onlide shall endeavour to deal with complaints relating to the actions or conduct of onlide customers as effectively as possible. Customers may send complaints concerning abuse, spam or illegal actions by onlide customers within three working days to the e-mail address abuse@..... , provided that such complaints are accompanied by the relevant log data, including times and/or full headers and a clear description of the grounds for the complaint.
  4. The lodging of a complaint shall not affect the customer's other obligations.

2. Copyright and Trademarks

If are there complaints because of violation of Copyrights or Trademarks rights towards a customer, the customer in the first place decides what happens with its account. supplier acts only if violation becomes clear from written and vast proof by the party whose rights have been violated, and onlide believes after its own interpretation that obstruction of this violation is urgently of nature. In all other cases onlide doesn't undertake any action up to the moment on which obstruction is legally subscribed to by Court.