General terms and conditions

Acceptable use policy

Onlide Inc.

Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge this Acceptable Use Policy.

  1. The customer shall maintain the attitude and behaviour that may be expected of a responsible and careful internet user. The customer shall notify in writing as soon as possible of any changes in relevant details.

  2. The customer shall refrain from inconveniencing other customers or internet users and from causing damage to the system. The customer is not permitted to start processes or programs - via the system or otherwise - which the customer knows or could reasonably suspect will cause inconvenience or damage to, other customers or internet users. This expressly includes indirect damage as a result of misconfiguration on the part of the customer, for example, but not exclusively, open relaying through an incorrectly configured mail server. The customer is only permitted to start processes or programs if there is a direct connection, permitted by, to the system.

  3. The customer is not permitted to use the system and the disk space for actions and/or conduct contravening the applicable legal provisions, netiquette, the guidelines of the Reclame Code Commissie [Dutch Advertising Standards Authority], the agreement or these general terms and conditions. This includes, but not exclusively, the following actions and conduct:

    • spamming: the unsolicited sending of large amounts of e-mail with the same content and/or the unsolicited posting of a message with the same content in large numbers of newsgroups on the internet. This includes spam which is sent through any other provider referring to a website, e-mail address or other service at;

    • infringement of copyright-protected works or any other conduct which violates the intellectual property rights of third parties;

    • the publication or distribution of child pornography;

    • sexual intimidation or other harassment of persons;

    • hacking: gaining unauthorised access to other computers or computer systems on the internet.

  4. The customer is not permitted to assign to third parties, or to allow third parties to use, his or her account, the manual or other rights resulting from the agreement, unless has given its express written consent. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the customer is permitted to commission a third party to design, publish and maintain a website. The customer shall nevertheless remain responsible for the use of his or her account and password. Passwords are considered as valid signature for ordering products and services with