Offer and agreement

1.1. Customer can sign up online, accepting these terms and conditions. onlide reserves the right to refuse the application without providing motivation. Upon acceptance by onlide, Customer will be granted access to an administrative account with which Customer can operate the services at his discretion, within the limits set by onlide as agreed during signup.

1.2. onlide may assume that all activities that occur using the administrative account, the API or any additional account are authorized by Customer. If Customer suspects an unauthorized third party has gained access to a password or authorization code, Customer shall change its password as soon as possible and/or contact onlide as soon as possible so appropriate action can be taken.

1.3.Customer must reference a working dedicated e-mail mailbox in the administrative account and consult this mailbox at least once a day for notices by onlide.

1.4. Customer must use its best efforts to keep up to date on domain name registration and usage rules, including without limitation rules set by domain name registries. onlide will use its best effort to supply relevant information, but failure by onlide to supply certain pertinent information does not discharge Customer from knowing same.

Domain name orders

2.1. Customer can order domain name registrations or transfers through the administrative account, or through an automated Application Programming Interface (API) or any other interface offered by onlide.

2.2. Upon order placement onlide will attempt to register the domain name. onlide will make reasonable efforts to actually register or transfer an ordered domain name for Customer, but does not guarantee the success of registration or transfer.

2.3. Upon order placement onlide will make a reservation charge at the customer’s account balance for the appropriate fees. Upon completion of the order, the reservation charge will be finally deducted from the account. If the order fails, the reservation charge shall be lifted from the account balance by onlide. Specified TLD’s may be refunded partially. Failure of completion of the order does not qualify for additional compensation.

2.4. If required by applicable domain name registry rules, onlide shall initiate a verification process with the intended domain name holder and block usage of the domain name until after completion of the verification process. Fees for the domain name, including any renewal(s) thereof, are independent of when the verification process is completed.

2.5. All domain name registrations, transfers and usage are subject to the terms set by the applicable domain name registry. The registry terms may change at any given time. Customer must agree with these changes in order to continue a registration of a domain name managed by that registry. Customer is itself responsible for compliance with these terms.

2.6. Certain registries may require onlide to explicitly make aware domain name holders of certain terms and conditions. In such cases, onlide will additionally e-mail those terms to Customer. In case of reselling (as per article 4) onlide may directly e-mail those terms to the registrant on behalf of Customer or its reselling customer.

2.7. Certain registries may require the registrant to confirm a request to register, transfer and/or modify (update) a domain name. In such cases, onlide shall facilitate the request by e-mail and record confirmation. onlide shall apply the consequences dictated by registry regulations to the request independently from any action by the registry.

2.8.Customer is itself responsible for operating one or more Domain Naming System (DNS) servers for ensuring the technical availability of domain names for internet users.

2.9. As a courtesy service, onlide operates a DNS server free of charge that can be used for such availability. onlide shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure continued availability of the domain name records as supplied by Customer in its DNS server systems, but makes no guarantees whatsoever. Further, onlide is under no obligation to validate such records except for technical compliance with DNS specifications.