General terms and conditions

Additional conditions for registering a .UK domain

Onlide Inc

Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge the following additional conditions for domains below the Top Level Domain .UK.

This section concerns provisions which apply to any domain names that the customer registers through Onlide in the relevant registry(ies). With respect to any registration of a .UK second level domain name, The customer agrees to the following terms:

Conditions for .UK domain names

When registering a .UK domain name the Supplier acts as a mediator, in which an agreement comes about between the Registrant (domain name holder/owner) and . ( ). The communication concerning the rights and duties between the Registrant and takes place between the Supplier and Reseller or Registrant.

The Registrant agrees on the terms conditions for .UK domain name registration as mentioned by "the GTC of".

Registrant Service Level Description

Registrants of .UK domains can find more about the service by Onlide at the Service level Description page.